Downstream applications of magnesium, titanium and other light alloy materials will break

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September 7, the new materials industry second Five-Year Plan Conference held by the Ministry of Industry released that high-strength and lightweight alloy materials will become one of the new key materials in "second five" plan, this kind of material will be given special support among the top ten projects.
 Light alloys mainly refer to titanium, magnesium and aluminum alloys, among which the application of titanium and magnesium alloys, are currently in a small scale, but they are benefit from rapid development of aviation industry and automobile industry, they will become the most promising alloys in second five.
The application of new alloy materials include magnesium alloy on the aircraft cabin and the tail tank key equipment, aircraft fuselage, the aluminum alloy on compressor, mechanical manufacturing, electronics, etc.,  on upper industry chain there are variety of magnesium, aluminum, titanium and other metal purification of the original ore and process into metal oxides and electrolysis into aluminum ,magnesium ingots etc., the middle is the manufacture of alloys and then make into variety of various functional structure of alloy rods, tubes stick and so on through a variety of process.
In aluminum, there is a significant gap in R & D and production technology compared with foreign countries on aluminum alloy of high strength and high toughness, the development of new alloys still in the stage of imitation, the level of titanium alloy research is roughly close to foreign, but not yet achieved the industrialization of high-strength high temperature titanium alloy, new titanium alloy manufacturing technology and equipment level still has a big gap compared with foreign.
Technological gap caused Listed Companies low gross profit, so improve technology in future is crucial for the entire industry to breakthrough, in addition, during the second five the increase of lower demand is also a spectacle.